We offer the best Financial Solutions


We look at various elements that make up overall financial health by budgeting income and expenditure, building good credit, making right investments etc. We improve your investment performance by:

  • Organizing your finances
  • Lowering personal income tax
  • Improving cash flow
  • Covering risks and reducing insurance costs
  • Real estate investments
  • Retirement planning

We undertake risk management planning and determine which measure is to be adopted: risk avoidance, risk reduction, risk acceptance or risk transfer.


We increase your net worth by making the right investments and evaluating the same. We:

  • Define goals and respective time lines
  • Assess your surplus
  • Assess your risk profile
  • Diversify investment allocations

The major service provided under this head is PORTFOLIO CREATION. We prepare a diversified portfolio which is a mix of money markets, fixed income equities, commodities, real estate, fixed deposits etc. We help in planning for creating:

  • A retirement and emergency corpus
  • Tax efficiency management
  • Existing portfolio reconstruction
  • Strategy for capital preservation and growth

One of the major product in which we deal is EQUITY ADVISORY. We manage direct equity investments prudently after having a detailed research in stock market. We invest in businesses where the intrinsic value is more than the current price to deliver healthy returns with a fair margin of safety.


We lead through the whole process till the deal is complete.

  • Corporate divestment programs, non-core business disposal (spin offs), carve outs & retirement sales
  • Raising Funds- selecting the right type of funding (debt , equity or mix, IPOs) & developing proposition to potential investors
  • Investment appraisal of companies
  • Preparation of information memorandum
  • Assistance in legal documentation
  • Business succession planning
  • Business operations advisory for SME & MSME for costing, sourcing, stock management, cost-benefit analysis etc.



  • Thorough review of your existing mutual funds portfolio and optimizing it for ROI effiecency
  • Creation of fresh mutual funds portfolio to suit your individual profile
  • Creating a mutual fund portfolio for retirement planning, child education planning, marriage planning, buying a house plan etc.


  • We are recognised Mutual fund distributor of many companies like IDFC, ICICI PRUDENTIAL, INDIABULLS FINANCE, HDFC, L&T FINANCE etc


  • Financial model preparation – financial model audit & financial model build assignments
  • Project Analysis - Setting up of a new project, expansion/diversification of an existing project, make or buy products etc


  • Understand your business & sector – its prospects & markets
  • Identify factors of valuation
  • Scrutinize the past operational performances
  • Forecast future financial results
  • Apply discount rates
  • Employing systematic approach
  • Considering Test accuracy and sensitivity of business models
  • Assessing Intangible asset value.
  • Drawing dependable conclusions for business valuations, ESOP valuation, Intellectual property Valuation etc.


  • Advisory to corporate on real estate buying , renting, investing etc. in India as well in Foreign countries.
  • Advisory to individual investors, where to invest in real estate sector as per their risk appetite and requirement and cash-flow.
  • Advisory to real estate companies for land acquisition, promoter take out, project level funding, private equity funding etc.


  • Proactive review of capital structures to ensure that they are properly capitalised to match their operating fundamentals.
  • Helping clients in managing their debt financing needs by profiling businessman cash flow risks, defining the alternative sources of funding, building in multiple variables such as currencies, fixed/floating tenure, collateral securities etc in a comprehensive manner and finally negotiating with the prospective lenders and buyers.
  • Raising cost effective debt resources in Rupee and foreign currency for projects, working capitals, long term loans for working capital margins, financial products and services.
  • Managing the debt element in Individual’s balance sheet – managing debt availment through various sources like government securities, bonds, money market, mutual funds, corporate investment securities, T-Bills, state government securities, Interest Rate swaps, etc.


  • Identify operational inefficiencies, unprofitable business segments, divisions or affiliates and any weakness in the systems, procedures and controls.
  • Define and implement overall strategic turnaround and restructuring plan.
  • Prepare a timeline for restructuring and provide operational consultation at each stage of restructuring as well address bankruptcy issues.
  • Developing liquidity forecasts, improving cash flow management, obtaining additional financing, negotiating loan covenant waivers and guiding complex debt restructuring.
  • Providing buy side and sell side advisory for mergers and acquisitions , using its strong domain knowledge and expertise across various sectors.


  • Unlocking and enhancing the value trapped in underperforming businesses
  • Business turn around advice
  • Management of non-performing loan portfolio


  • Advising for entry strategy in India
  • Preparation of business plan or project report
  • Identifying the ideal location as per business requirments
  • Providing guidance regarding various laws, rules and regulations which have an impact.
  • Structuring investment in most tax optimal manner
  • Obtaining initial regulatory approvals
  • Assisting in incorporation of different form like public company/private company/OPC / LLPs/ partnership firms/ HUFs/ Proprietorship/AOPs/JVs etc
  • Registrations under various laws :Shops & Establishment Act, Professional Tax employment certificate, IEC DGFT, Local Body Tax, STPI/NON-STPI Unit.
  • Assisting in opening a representative office, branch or subsidiary on a foreign land.
  • Selection of appropriate jurisdiction for holding company.
  • Considering corporate and allied laws for various countries during the whole working process.
  • Coordinating with local experts in various jurisdictions.


    We aim in minimising the overall tax burden.

  • Knowing your tax liability
  • Providing comprehensive assessment of all tax related deduction
  • Knowing impact of tax savings on available surplus
  • Evaluating tax saving investments
  • Advising on the best ELSS
  • Capital gain tax planning
  • Representations- obtaining Tax withholding certificates, NOC’s & IT clearance certificates
  • Expatriate Taxation- managing expatriate tax matters right from planning a compensation package and providing legal framework to the filing of the expatriate employee tax return.
  • Taking care of Transfer pricing issue.


  • Provide financial solutions through structured debt, Mezzanine, high yield products
  • Arrange optimal financing solutions for various requirements like growth financing, recapitalisation, asset financing, project financing, pre-IPO financing, sponsor financing, bridge funding, etc.


  • Gaining an understanding of the performance of your target company.
  • Identifying and analysing the business.
  • Revaluating the Cash and key value drivers behind the acquisition price.
  • Identifying potential risks.
  • Maximising financial and tax positions.
  • Conducting a post-acquisition audit & preparing balance sheet.


  • We provide certain enterprise-wide needed support services based on specialized knowledge, best practices, and technology like accounting assistance, payroll management, tax registration, HR administration, etc.